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Refinery Project

Creating Value through Separation

Ionic Rare Earths has identified a clear opportunity to provide mine to market magnet and heavy rare earth oxides (HREO). A standalone, dedicated and IonicRE controlled refining asset provides greater long term strategic importance and value creation upside for shareholders by developing an integrated strategy, supplying the new economy.

Currently, existing global heavy REO refining capacity is dominated by China, with minor capacity identified in Vietnam. Development of a standalone facility enables greater engagement with end customers in key markets across the EU, US, Korea, Japan and Gulf countries.

As the Makuutu Project ramps up over the rest of the decade to 2030, IonicRE is evaluating the development of dedicated magnet and heavy rare earth separation and refinery capacity tailored to the unique basket from Makuutu, with the ability to also aggregate feed from other smaller scale producers of magnet and heavy rare earth products.

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