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Our Impact

IonicRE is leading the secure supply of magnet rare earths, leveraging our sustainable technology, pioneering magnet recycling to drive the next generation of wind turbines, electronic vehicles, defence, and advanced manufacturing.


Our vision is a closed-loop supply chain that minimises environmental impact and maximises access to critical, strategic raw materials, through targeted global expansion and empowering new benchmarks in sovereign capability and innovation.

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Securing Critical Elements for the New Economy

Harnessing our technology to accelerate mining, refining and recycling of magnet and heavy rare earths critical for energy transition, advanced manufacturing and defence.


The Makuutu Heavy Rare Earths Project is the only development-ready heavy rare earths project with supply available for global markets.

Ionic Technologies

Ionic Technologies International Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Ionic Rare Earths. Our patented technology, developed at Queens University Belfast (QUB), offers first mover capability for individual magnet rare earth recycling – separating 99.9% plus magnet rare earth oxides (REO) to enable the energy transition, electric vehicles, advanced manufacturing, and defence.

Market Potential

We have to build a more resilient supply chain, supporting projects and attracting more private investment from mining to refining, processing and recycling.

European Commission President von der Leyen recalled some hard facts: without secure and sustainable access to the necessary raw materials, our ambition to become the first climate neutral continent is at risk.

European Commission President,

Von Der Leyen

Market Potential

2030 Benchmarks for strategic raw materials (magnet rare earths) EU Critical Raw Materials Act:

  • At least 40% of EU’s consumption for processing within Europe
  • At least 15% of annual consumption from recycling
  • Not more than 65% of EUs annual consumption of each strategic raw material at any relevant stage of processing from a single third country

The race is on!

Market Potential

Lithium and rare earths will soon be more important than oil and gas. Our demand for rare earths alone will increase fivefold by 2030. […] We must avoid becoming dependent again, as we did with oil and gas. […] We will identify strategic projects all along the supply chain, from extraction to refining, from processing to recycling. And we will build up strategic reserves where supply is at risk. This is why today I am announcing a European Critical Raw Materials Act.

European Commission President,

Von Der Leyen

Market Potential

When peering into the outlook for the next decade to come, it becomes quickly apparent that the rapid demand growth of the 2020s will soon be dwarfed by the astronomical demand growth of the 2030s – and therein lies the real defining challenge and opportunity facing the global rare earth industry today.

Adamas Intelligence (SEPT 2020)

Securing Critical Elements for Life

The world’s supply of secure, sustainable and traceable magnet and heavy rare earths is at a tipping point.

Ionic Rare Earths vision is to unlock new sources of magnet and heavy rare earths to empower global industries centred on carbon neutrality and advanced manufacturing, and together build a more resilient supply chain for future generations.

Through sustainable business practices and a commitment to ESG reporting across our mining, refining and recycling activities, Ionic Rare Earths will create value for our stakeholders, for all people and our planet.

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