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Our Purpose

Ionic Rare Earths Elements for life

The circularity of magnets and heavy rare earths.

Ionic Rare Earths is harnessing our technology to accelerate the mining, refining and recycling of the magnets and heavy rare earths critical for the energy transition, advanced manufacturing, and defence.

Our vision is to facilitate a resilient world for future generations through the delivery of secure, sustainable, traceable magnet and heavy rare earths.

As a steward of sustainable business and extractive practices we are focused on ensuring sustainable practices, and we are working with strategic partners and creating technological innovations to support this mission.


Why Ionic Rare Earths Exists

The global push towards decarbonisation, including the development of electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies, and renewable infrastructure has driven a vast increase in the global demand for critical minerals.

Magnet and heavy rare earths are needed for high technology applications essential for the new economy, including the energy transition, advanced manufacturing, and defence.

Ionic Rare Earths’ Mission is to be a key part of the solution to this global challenge by providing a secure supply chain of sustainably mined, refined and recycled magnet and heavy rare earths.


What Ionic Rare Earths aims to achieve

Ionic Rare Earths’ vision is to create a secure, traceable and resilient supply chain for sustainable rare earths to support the energy transition and new economy industries. We are driving forward the growth of magnet recycling, building a circular economy for materials critical to the world’s decarbonisation through our three pillars of sustainable mining, refining, and recycling.


How Ionic Rare Earths plans to achieve the vision and what we doing right now


Ionic Rare Earths’ aim is to advance its flagship Makuutu Rare Earths Project (Makuutu) in Uganda into a significant long-life, low-cost, supplier of high-value magnet and heavy rare earths. Makuutu is one of the largest Ionic Adsorption Clay (IAC) deposits outside of China, and is receiving global interest due to the high quality, balanced basket of magnet and heavy rare earths, free of radionuclides.

Makuutu is well advanced and highlighted by near-surface mineralisation, significant exploration upside, proven ionic metallurgical characteristics and access to tier-one infrastructure.

Ionic Rare Earths’ is working with strategic partners to develop its integrated strategy to create downstream supply chain value by developing its own magnet and heavy rare earths refinery, which will separate the unique and high value Makuutu mineralisation into the full spectrum of rare earths plus scandium for customers globally.


Ionic Technologies

The Company’s 100% owned magnet recycling subsidiary, Ionic Technologies International Limited (Ionic Technologies), based in Belfast, UK, has begun demonstration plant processing of recycled magnets in 2023 via a patented hydrometallurgical process. Now producing high purity magnet Rare Earth Oxides (REOs), our supply chain engagement is developing rapidly.

Ionic Rare Earths is focused on adopting sustainable mining practices, working with strategic partners, creating technological innovations and ethical business standards to achieve the mission of sustainable mining, refining and recycling magnet and heavy rare earths to empower manufacturing of low carbon technologies, communication, defence and transportation applications.

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